Fly Fishing School

Fly Fishing School
The techniques for basic casts are taught, including the overhead cast, the side arm cast, and the roll cast. Additionally, such functions as mending line, proper retrieve, and avoiding tangles are taught.

Line Management
This segment covers all of the essential knots used in the assembly of the line system. You will learn how to modify your leader to maximize your effectiveness in casting and outsmarting that wiley trout.

Equipment and Safety
Whether you have already acquired your equipment, or are starting from scratch, this segment will provide useful tips on necessary equipment and optional items to make the experience more enjoyable.  Also covered is wading safety.

Stream Tactics, Entomology, and Fly Selection
So you have the equipment and know how to cast and assemble your line; now how to select a fly and where to cast it?  This segment emphasizes the correct fly for the time of the year and the type of stream on which you are fishing. It will show you the natural insects which are imitated with various flies, how to match your artificials to these and how to determine if the trout are dining on them.

Code of Ethics
We believe in a code of ethics and stream etiquette and will discuss these important aspects of fly fishing.

Half Day on the Stream
It is one thing to learn it, but quite another to actually use it. This half day on the stream with our experienced mentor anglers, arranged to fit your schedule, provides an opportunity to use the lessons taught and to acquire additional assistance where needed.

The Pisgah Chapter of Trout Unlimited's Fly Fishing School encompasses all the basic functions of fly fishing and is designed to put the new angler on the stream with basic self-sufficiency. We draw on the experience and talents of over 100 chapter members to provide the very best instruction on a personal basis not possible in a commercial enterprise. Participants also receive a 60-page "Introduction to Fly Fishing" on CD. 
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